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Drug addiction is among the biggest problems being faced by our society these days. It is a chronic, relapsing brain disease, most common symptom being consistent drug seeking. One gets badly addicted to the same despite knowing its ill effects. There is a near permanent damage to the brain and getting out of substance abuse is immensely difficult for the patient. How you can help in making our society free from drug addiction? Here is a primer regarding the same.

  • The families of drug addicts and their close friends have an important role to play. They need to ensure that the patient gets timely treatment and does not relapse. Keeping a lid on the problem only exacerbates it and this should be avoided at all costs. One should promptly report drug addiction happening anywhere in the society to the appropriate authorities.
  • Donate generously to drug de-addiction facilities. One may never know when a close friend or relative would fall prey to this heinous addiction. The society as a whole remains safe only if the problem gets eradicated completely or the problem is thoroughly contained.
  • Organization of drug de-addiction camps: Eminent persons of society, prominent NGOs and hospitals tend to organize drug de-addiction camps regularly. If anyone close to you is a victim of drug abuse, take him or her there and get treatment done. You could stay in touch with the above mentioned to keep a tab on the dates on which such camps get organized.