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Blood donation is one of the noblest ways in which you can contribute without spending a dime. Here is why you should donate blood:

  • Around five crore units of blood are needed every year, though the available amount is only half of the same.
  • Every day, around 38000 blood donations are needed, but the actual numbers are much lesser.
  • Patients of sickle cell need blood transfusion throughout their lives.
  • Hospitals request Blood type O the most
  • Lakhs of individuals are diagnosed with cancer every year. A number of them need daily blood transfusion while undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

Some facts about Blood Donation that you may need to know

  • Blood can come only from genuine donors, it cannot be manufactured.
  • The Blood Group ‘O’ is in most demand and is always in short supply.
  • Patients of all other blood types can receive AB- plasma. AB plasma too is in short supply.

Blood donation process:

  • The process of blood donation is completely safe. A sterile needle is used every single time and it is discarded after every use.
  • Before donating blood, the donor’s blood pressure, temperature, hemoglobin and pulse are checked in order to ensure that it is safe for the donor to donate blood.
  • It takes only 10-12 minutes to donate blood. If you take into account the entire time taken between your arrival and departure, it takes slightly above around one hour
  • The blood that you donate gets replenished within a matter of days.