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Save Trees save Life

The extreme importance of planting more trees was made evident recently by a number of man-made and natural disasters in recent times. The incredibly poor air condition in New Delhi and adjacent areas, destruction of Yamuna riverbank, destruction of green cover across the country and rampant flooding of major metros like Chennai and Mumbai left no doubt regarding what we are doing wrong collectively. We all need to introspect what led us to this situation and how we can undo some of the damage we have done to the environment.

The poor air condition in New Delhi and NCR in recent times was almost directly due to man-made factors such as haphazard construction activities, vehicular pollution, and farm stubble burning, and so on. If we had more trees would the problem have been contained? Absolutely, the experts agree. Besides New Delhi, catastrophic consequences of mindless construction activities were witnessed in Chennai and elsewhere where rains triggered heavy flooding. Natural drains and tree cover were substituted with concrete jungles and the results were cataclysmic. One may go on counting the ill effects of the same and the list will keep growing.

The need of the hour is to get together and chalk out a plan for the future. We cannot simply afford to leave a sick planet for our children. Let’s pledge to plant trees from now on and strive for cleaner air for us and for our coming generations. We at MGF Trust are working towards the same and will be happy to assist all the interested individuals and groups.